Matt Heselton-One In a Million

AmeriCorps National Service Celebrates the one millionth service member this month. One of those first million members is Matthew Heselton. #1of1million.

Matt  served with the Pennsylvania Mountain Service Corps AmeriCorps 2011-2013.  We caught up with Matt this summer at an AmeriCorps year end celebration event at Outdoor Odysseymatthesselton3, where he served.

Matt, now a third year medical student, was between semesters and, as in the past, was back in Western PA to pitch in at his old service site.

Matt reflected on his service path and the impact of AmeriCorps National Service to his life’s mission. He says he has always been drawn to opportunities to serve others, and describes himself as “growing up rounding third, with advantages that many don’t enjoy”. Matt sees his advantages as a responsibility to give back.

Matt says his decision to enter the medical profession is a natural parallel path to service, being  drawn to a career where he can continue to serve. He talked about his med school experiences in the West Indies and the exhilaration of making a true difference. He doesn’t see himself in a future  ‘comfy private practice’, but rather hopes to provide medical care to under served communities.

He talked with currently serving AmeriCorps members noting that he and they are now in a similar circumstance…in transition for the next phase and thinking about the things he is proud of and planning for the next stage.

Well done Matt Heselton. You are truly 1 in a million.