Best Practices

These are a few best practices as shared by our members:

I am currently using a Book Club Model with my Guided Reading Groups. This practice allows me to work with one group of students, while the other group discusses the book they are reading. They discuss the book through comprehension questions, question starters, journal entries, and group projects. This practice allows my students to group and develop their reading skills.

With my 5th grade tutoring class I have implemented the personality pizza. We are learning about character traits so I turned that into a reward. Each time the class as a whole works well with no behavior problems they get to cover a letter of the words personality pizza with a slice of pizza. Once they have both of the words covered then we will have a pizza party.

For recruiting volunteers, I found that it is best practice to give options for varying dates and times when opportunities are available. In doing so, I was able to get more people to help by being flexible around their schedules when possible.