“You Helped Me Read” – #AmeriCorpsWorks

Johnny, a 3rd grade student I tutor for reading, ran up to me one morning to tell me he read a book all by himself.  It was the first time he was ever able to do it.  He looked at me and said, “I can read, because you helped me.”


Lindsay Christine, PMSC AmeriCorps Member

It’s a very simple story, but knowing how much Johnny struggles can give some perspective; Johnny is in third grade, but when he was assessed at the beginning of the school year he was reading at a beginning reading level such as kindergarten and the beginning of first grade.  He is a smart boy and is very enjoyable, but he often gets frustrated in class and has  discipline problems.  He is realizing that he cannot do what his peers can do.  I have been teaching him phonemic awareness and phonics skills.  He is a great kid with a lot of potential.  I am encouraging him to embrace his differences so that he can make the world a better place.  It’s a great thing when someone can use their struggles to help others, and I hope that is what Johnny can do with his learning disability.
Lindsay serves at Bald Eagle School District, Port Matilda PA.