Obtain Clearances

Pennsylvania state criminal, child abuse and FBI clearances are required to serve with PMSC AmeriCorps.  Clearance instructions, training, and certification requirements are listed below. Additional and complete paperwork documentation requirements can be found in the member packets.

PA Criminal Clearance

  • Required Prior to Service
  • $22.00 – Print Receipt for PMSC reimbursement
  • Submit a New Record Check
  • Enter Required Information
  • Print and Submit to PMSC Certificate with Background Seal -or- Name, Date of Search, Control #
  • Retain copies for your records

FBI Clearance 

  • Initiation of FBI Clearance Required Prior to Service
  • Fingerprint scan and Report required within 2 weeks of service Start Date
  • Access registration/initiation online
  • Select Service Code 1KG6S7
  • Click on Schedule or Manage Appointment and enter all requested information.
  • Print 2 copies of the service summary to be used as your receipt and  reimbursement.
  • Bring receipt and photo ID to appointed location
  • PMSC AmeriCorps will electronically receive results

Child Abuse Clearance

  • Complete application prior to service start date but not earlier than date selected to serve
  • Provide clearance results within 60 days of start date
  • Create Account through Child Welfare Portal
  • Complete clearance application request
  • Select  “School Employee” under “Purpose of Clearance”
  • Use your name and address as Requester
  • $8.00 – print payment screen for reimbursement
  • Print child abuse clearance history submission confirmation email
  • Provide clearance document when received