Host Site FAQs

How can I get an AmeriCorps member?

Generally in April of each year the PMSC opens the host site application process, and an online application is posted to our website. Organizations are invited to submit an application to host one or more members for the next AmeriCorps program year. Once the application deadline has passed, the PMSC will review all submissions and select and notify those organizations that will become a host site.

How much does it cost?

Our AmeriCorps grant requires a 50% local match to the federal dollars. Currently, the cash match for an organization to have a full time member is $10,314 plus in-kind support. The cash match for a part-time member is $5,400 plus in-kind support. You would be invoiced at the start of the program year for your cash-match amount.

What is in-kind?

In-kind is simply putting a dollar value to goods or services you supply to help support a member. Examples would be: office space, computer usage, supervision. We ask you to submit an “in-kind” report to the PMSC periodically throughout the program year. In-kind helps to offset the cost of having a member as it is also used as match for the AmeriCorps grant.

What kinds of things can members do?

Members are to be engaged in direct service in the areas of education, environment, or social services. Some examples of AmeriCorps positions include: K-12 tutoring or mentoring; water sampling, invasive species studies, public land development, counseling, prevention programming, and garnering volunteer services. Members may also do a limited amount of fundraising and grant writing.

How many members can serve at my organization?

Host site applicants may ask for as many positions as they want, however, the PMSC may not be able to grant your full request. Any requests that are not honored are placed on a waiting list and if an opening occurs, the request may be filled.

Will you find a member for me?

The PMSC does not “place” a person at your agency, but rather each agency will search out, interview, and select their own person to fill the AmeriCorps position. The PMSC helps by recruiting and referring potential AmeriCorps members. Individuals interested in serving may complete an online registration and a database of those interested individuals will be made available to all organizations awarded a position.

The PMSC will help you recruit by advertising all open positions on our website, publishing general classified newspaper ads, purchasing billboards, and by using other outreach tools. While we do our best to help with recruitment, the most successful member – host matches occur from active agency recruiting.

What happens if I can’t find a qualified person for the position?

If you have done a thorough search and have not found a suitable candidate, the PMSC will do our best to help you find a match through our database of applicants. If all attempts fail, the PMSC will place you on the waiting list and your agency will be contacted if an opening occurs later in the program year; this often buys a little time to help you find a match. Your agency may also opt to relinquish the position and perhaps apply again in the future. If the position was never filled, a full refund would be made on any payment of cash-match.

If the member quits, do I get a refund?

The PMSC will give an itemized refund for up to 150 days from the member’s start date. For example, if your member quits one month into the program, the PMSC will deduct out any stipends and other expenses, and return the balance of the cash-match to you.